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4x4 Off-Road driver training and courses in Pembrokeshire, Wales

4x4 Off Road Junior Driving Experience

Unlike other driving courses - our 4x4 off road junior experience is really yours - for 2.5 hours you’re at the controls. No queuing to wait for the next vehicle, it’s ready at Wood Park waiting for you. If you’ve chosen to share your booking with your friends we’ll even sort out photo opportunities, but if it’s just for you - that’s how it stays, and you’ll probably be the only vehicle in the entire 45 acre woodland site.

If you’re an inexperienced driver or aged 13-17 years old, Wood Park Off-Road could be just the place for you to get to grips with driving! You can experience vehicle handling in safe field conditions and if you’re more adventurous try a few gentle slopes. The session starts with a short briefing and then 2.5 hours driving. If you’re without a provisional driving licence you must be accompanied by an adult. The vehicle is fitted with Dual controls for safety. Prices start from £220 and can be shared between 1-3 people.

4x4 Off Road Junior Driving Experience

“I enjoyed my birthday present of a taster session so much I couldn’t wait to come back for more off road driving 2 months later”
D Tremlett age 16 from Glamorgan

What will I have learned from my off road junior driving experience?

A 13-17 year old in a 2.5 hour taster will learn:

  • Learn to control vehicle on steep ascents and descents
  • Safe water wading
  • Extricating your vehicle using self recovery
  • Safe slide slope driving
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